Engineering applied to railways

Bearcat’s extensive experience in the automotive engineering sector has allowed us to enter the field of railway engineering with the design and manufacture of welding tools, special machinery for welding, assembly of train boxes and clamps. resistance welding for railway.


Since 2008, the Bearcat Railway Engineering department has specialized in the design and manufacture of welding tools and special machinery for the welding and assembly of train boxes.
We have a team of highly specialized mechanical engineers and 3D designers in this sector that provides high value to the welding and assembly processes of structures and sub-assemblies in Steel, Aluminum and Austenitic Steel.
Bearcat has successfully managed to automate box assembly lines in international benchmark projects in Spain, the USA, Brazil and Mexico. With a disruptive technology in the railway engineering sector, providing levels of quality and productivity unthinkable in a sector other than automotive engineering.


Bringing the experience of 30 years in Automotive Engineering, BEARCAT has designed specific resistance welding clamps for the welding of Austenitic Steel train boxes. The combination of state-of-the-art technology, force capacities far superior to standard clamps and geometries specifically adapted to the train body, make BCT Ferrocaril clamps a unique product in the world, providing a very high value to our customers railways worldwide.

Railway engineering designed and manufactured in Spain for the whole world with excellent results.

A product of which the Bearcat Engineering team is especially proud.

  • Ergonomic heavy-duty manual tweezers.
  • Robot grippers with automatic changes.
  • Single point tweezers for welding gantries.
  • Latest generation Medium Frequency welding controls.

Process automation

he high experience in Railway Engineering of our Technical Design Office and our experience in a sector as competitive as the automotive industry allows us to automate processes that were not considered in the railway sector until now. Dramatically raising the productivity of our clients in an increasingly demanding and competitive sector.

  • Automatic roof welding.
  • Multi-tool guantries for automatic welding of practically all sub-assemblies of the Train Box.

Engineering on-site

Thanks to the high specialization of our engineers in the sector, we offer engineering and outsourcing services either from our central OT or by moving to production centers around the world in the form and time that the client requires.

The training of our Engineers in CAD design programs such as CATIA, SOLIDWORKS and training in LEAN MANUFACTURING and optimization of specialized processes entirely in the manufacture of trains give us a value that other more generic Outsourcing companies do not have.

  • Generation of assembly and interior design documentation for the finished and digitized “Work Instructions” train boxes. Bearcat has its own APP for digitizing Assembly Instructions for 4.0 environments.
  • Plans of structures and assemblies, high skills in 3D design and direct connection platforms to the client.
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes and On – Site Engineering consulting by Mechanical Electrical Engineers and Industrial organization specialized in the Railroad sector at an International level.


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