Resistance welding and joining techniques

Resistance welding is a permanent joining process between two pieces by making use of the heat generated by passing electrical current through the area to be welded. Through the electrical energy that is connected to two electrodes that press the parts to be welded, it is possible to melt the material and, thanks to the pressure, to melt them permanently.

For more than 40 years, with strategic partners in the automotive sector such as NIMAK, BRÄUER, IVOSTUD or VBS, at Bearcat we supply and implement state-of-the-art technology for sheet metal workshops in the automotive industry, in welding technologies. resistance, electrode milling machines or stud welding.

Types of resistance welding

There are three basic types of resistance welding:

  • Electric spot welding: In this welding process, metal pieces are joined by means of points, exerting pressure with the electrodes on the pieces to be joined. In turn, letting the current pass until the junction point is slightly melted, it is allowed to melt and the result is a weld of regularly spaced points.
  • Seam welding: Similar to electric spot welding, the difference is that in seam welding the electrodes have rollers at the tip that rotate on the plates to be welded by pressing them. Thus a continuous joint without spaces is achieved.
  • Resistance butt welding: In this welding process the edges of the pieces to be welded are brought together one next to the other and fastened with fasteners that are connected to the secondary winding of a transformer that serves to control the electric current.


IVOSTUD, formerly Nelson Automotive, offers an innovative line of automated stud welding systems to meet the most demanding stud welding performance requirements in the transportation industry.

  • Stud welding


VBS Fügetechnik AG is a German company with more than 30 years of experience in the field of joining techniques in the automotive sector.

  • Welding cylinders


Bräuer Systemtechnik GmbH is a German company, experts in the automotive sector, offering the best conditions for the development and production of high-quality product solutions in the field of resistance welding. Customized solutions for both electrode processing and welding process automation.

  • Automatic electrode milling systems
 Milling Machines and Electrode Changers SEAT MARTORELL

Milling Machines and Electrode Changers SEAT MARTORELL

Stud welding Project FORD VALENCIA

Stud welding Project FORD VALENCIA


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