Civil work

The use of connector studs is present in a very important sector, that of Construction, civil and public works. Where it is considered one of the most effective methods to achieve the best interaction between the metal structure and the concrete. It is what we would define as mixed construction, which has a series of advantages and profitable solutions in:

  • Bridges and infrastructures,
  • Civil and industrial buildings,
  • Rehabilitations,
  • Collaborating slabs,
  • Isolations,
  • Etc.

At Bearcat we offer our experience of more than forty years in the field of welding and joining techniques in the civil works sector

Advantages of mixed construction in Civil Works

Mixed construction is characterized by the presence of resistant sections in which the concrete and the metal structure work in solidarity. In this way, the important technological advances in both materials (reinforced concrete, high-strength weldable steels, new joining techniques) have an immediate adaptation, enhancing their use in a remarkable way.

We are used to seeing the use of the mixed structure in the bridges and viaducts sector. But in civil and public works we can find many other examples in the field of construction, especially in those constructions with gaps and important loads; or in the reinforcement of old metallic or concrete structures.

Among the main advantages of mixed construction in civil and public works we can highlight:

  • The reduction of edges in lintels.
  • Greater slenderness of the supports.
  • Increased rigidity.
  • A saving in steel.

Arc welding technique

In civil works, in mixed constructions, the most common is the arc welding technique with protective ceramic. Obtaining the following results:

  • A more ductile structure and faster assembly. (Obtaining a reduction in construction times)
  • A considerable reduction of the concrete surface, very profitable for bridges and roads.
  • Large free spaces between columns, achieving open spaces.
  • In low height you get a high load capacity.
  • Better protection in case of fire.
Agbar Tower

Agbar Tower

120,000 connector studs



Resistance welding offered by BearCat on the Oresund Bridge was an essential part in the construction of this bridge that separates the Danish island of Zealand from the Swedish province of Skåne.

Kio Towers Madrid

Kio Towers Madrid

220.00 connector studs


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