Self-Clinching and Rivet Nuts

Since 1988 BEARCAT has specialized in stud welding. With a team of engineers and commercial technicians, who advise our clients so that they can carry out all their projects.

With BEARFIX – registered trademark of BEARCAT – we cover the entire range of fixing and mechanical bonding products, easy and safe to install, offering the market solutions for each application. Providing efficient and reliable fasteners in pieces with little thickness.

BEARFIX was born from the need to offer our customers a brand in which all the fixing and joining products (welding studs, inserts, high quality rivet nuts and rivets) are combined.

Insertos y rechames | Bearcat

We offer a wide variety of measures as well as shapes and finishes, which can be installed in any phase of production in a totally safe way and in normal environmental conditions.

Through our online store, and under our own brand, we guarantee a large stock, product quality and a fast preparation and delivery service.

Welding Studs

Stud welding allows, through a simple process, the union of screw / stud and sheet metal without the need to pierce the surface, creating a heterogeneous union and eliminating production costs. It is definitely a simple and inexpensive process.

Bearcat is the only national company dedicated to 100% of stud welding applications. From the automotive sector, through civil works, to the small workshop. With a large stock of studs, machines and spare parts to attend to your demand “just in time”. And a technical team with more than 40 years of experience in the field of welding and joining techniques.


The insertion is carried out by introducing the insert to the surface through the grooved part, having previously perforated the metal sheet, and gradually pressing through a press, achieving a correct closure and a strong seal.

At Bearcat, through our exclusive Bearfix brand, we have a wide range of self-inserts: Studs, nuts, spacers … cold mechanical fasteners for insertion into thin metal sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.8 to 3, 2 mm. In galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Rivet nuts

Rivet nuts are a fastening element that allows the placement of a fillet in particularly reduced thicknesses or in awkward positions. Fixings on which it would not be possible and / or economical to practice filleting with a tool.

At Bearcat, through our Bearfix product range, we have an extensive range of blind rivet nuts that allow the creation of a reliable thread and efficient clamping in parts with reduced thickness and materials where only one side is accessible for installation. Rivet nuts in galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Blind Rivets

At Bearcat, through our Bearfix brand we have a wide range of high quality rivets:

  • DIN 7337 standard rivets: Pan head, countersunk, wide and extra wide.
  • Watertight rivets: Pan head and countersunk.
  • Rivets for Plastics: Pan head..
  • Multi-fixing rivets Pan head, countersunk and extra wide.
  • Rolled rivets: Pan head.
  • Structural rivets: Pan head, countersunk and wide.

In galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and copper / nickel.

Welding Units

Through our Bearfix brand, at Bearcat we have the best stud welding equipment:

  • Welding Units – Capacitor discharge
  • Welding Units – Short Cycle
  • Welding Units – Drawn Arc & Inverter
  • Welding Units – CNC
Automatic Stud Welding Equipment

Automatic Stud Welding Equipment

BEARFIX CNC / S 3000 × 1500 Automatic Stud Welder


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